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WELCOME                                                                        General Information

The Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE) is required by statute to compile and disseminate
information to the public regarding postsecondary education opportunities in this state (A.R.S. §15-1851
B.4). This publication is a comprehensive guide of educational opportunities in the state of Arizona.

ACPE’s mission is to expand access and increase success in postsecondary education for Arizonans.
Find out more about the ACPE by reading our 2018 fact sheet below:

Student Financial Assistance Programs

    •	 Serve as National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs Entity for Arizona  
    •	 Administer more than 3,000 state/federal student grants representing more than $2.6M annually            

         including AZLEAP and ATSLP for students attending both public and private institutions.
    •	 Administer the Arizona Family College Savings (529) Program which holds $1.2 billion in assets,       

         representing more than 80,000 accounts. Accounts are managed by three trusted and experi-
         enced financial institutions.

Forum for All Sectors of Postsecondary Education

    •	 Serve as the forum for private and public postsecondary education leaders to identify common
         problems and opportunities focused on students.

    •	 Provide higher education venues, such as the Developing Arizona’s Human Capital conference
         where educators, policy makers, and business leaders come together to focus on higher education

    •	 Sponsor the Arizona Minority Education Policy Analysis Center (AMEPAC) to foster dialogue
         through issue-based research studies. Publications include “To Learn and Earn: Arizonans’
         Experiences Competing in the Race for Good Jobs”; the “Arizona Minority Student Report”; and
         “The Road to Higher Education: Closing the Participation Gaps for Arizona Students”.

    •	 Raise approximately $190,000-$250,000 in donations, sales, and grants to fund college-going  
         programs and publications annually.

    •	 Host college access websites serving 217,791 visitors annually including:





College Access Programs and Publications
(The Commission is legislatively mandated to support unserved and underserved populations)

    •	 Coordinate the College & Career Goal Arizona Campaigns which include:
    		 - The College Application Campaign. Where Arizona’s high schools, postsecondary insti-

         tutions, and their communities come together to support and help Title I high school seniors in
         completing an application to a postsecondary institution.
    	 	 - The College Goal FAF$A Campaign. Where Arizona’s students and parents can attend
         workshops to take the first critical step in financial aid (completing the FAF$A) assisted by more
         than 280 financial aid professionals and volunteers at sites statewide.
    	 	 -FAF$A Finish Line Reports provide critical individual student data on FAFSA completion
         status to high schools allowing them to apply targeted interventions based upon the hinderances
         revealed in these reports.
    •	 Sponsor “Pathways to Postsecondary Education Awards” to encourage best practices in college
    •	 Offer students and parents print and web-based information such as  the Arizona College and
         Career Guide.

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