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State of Arizona

                                       The Honorable Doug Ducey

   Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education


                                               Darin Bargen
                                            Dr. Michael Kearns
                                          Jennifer J. Brumbach
                                         Eileen Klein (Ex-Officio)
                                            Brian P. Capistran

                                               Jill W. Kohler
                                              Susan Ciardullo
                                             Dr. Shouan Pan
                                               Jody Johnson
                                            Dr. Hank T. Radda
                                             Dr. James Rund
                                           Dr. Kasey Urquidez
                                         Terri Stanfill (Ex-Officio)
                                          Dr. Manuel Valenzuela
                                             Timothy Slottow
                                              Edward Vasko

                                 Dr. April L. Osborn, Executive Director
                                            Judi Sloan, Editor

                                      Megan Cool, Associate Editor

                                            Commission Office
                                 2020 North Central Avenue, Suite 650

                                         Phoenix, Arizona 85004
                                       Telephone (602) 258-2435

                                           Fax (602) 258-2483
                                    E-mail: [email protected]

                                         2016 - 2017, 37th Edition
                          Arizona College and Career Guide 2016 - 2017 ©
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